Sunday, 18 February 2007

Faux Fimo Flowers - a fun digi download just for you!

Freebie for you! A couple of papers and some faux fimo flowers

Please just leave a little comment if you download - thanks :){Click on image to see details}

Download here

So I came across Kirsty's cool videos over at YooTube and loved her fimo flowers demonstration. As well as inspiring me to try and create some faux ones in Photoshop, it took me back years to when I did art/craft with my kiddos especially my twinnies and we used to do alsorts with fimo. I forgot how wonderful that stuff is and how much I loved doing art and craft with my kids. I do miss those days so much and can't wait til my granddaughter is old enough to play!

Anyway, I also did a couple of matching papers and put it altogether as a little freebie for my readers here and my fellow UKScrappers. Hope you find some use for them. I'm creating some more as buttons and doing lots of colours and patterns as a big embellishment kit which will be available on my site and at ScrapGirls in the next couple of weeks.

Creating those flowers and papers got me off my backside for finally creating a freebie for my blog/store each month. I've been designing and creating digital scrapbook products for just over 2 yrs now but had to shut down my website/business due to some serious personal issues in my life and moving home. I'm excited to be back up and running and will be launching my new store in a few weeks time. So this is the first of many freebies to come.


jj said...

Aw that is so pretty! Not bad considering it's digital - do you still have your little fimo thing of twins sleeping in a crib? Man the stuff you can with fimo's kind of amazing!! Gonna have to let our collection build up slowly again, I reckon. Maddy'd love it!

lukasmummy said...

they are lovely Diane, thanks for sharing them