Thursday, 5 July 2007

All Things Magic

I love all things magical and innocent such as fairies, elves, unicorns, Father Christmas, The Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny etc. Sweet imaginings of children. Stories of gingerbread houses and talking whimsical animals. I used to keep those kind of things alive for my children when they were growing up. Always did special things at Christmas for my kids and throughout the year really.

As such, I've started some scrapbook kit designs based on all that magic, imaginings and innocence. My first one was a huge success and I've decided to totally revamp it and re-release it as it's a couple of years old now. I did manage to get this new one finished called "A Little Unicorn" which will be in my Scrap Girls store in the next couple of days. Got one coming up called "A Little Fairy" and many others in the making. I love them. I'm inspired by the memories and magic of my own childhood as well as those by my own children and now my little granddaughter.


Mandy said...


Syndee said...

LOVE it!!!!!!!!!

Sarebear said...

This kit is why I clicked through to your blog, from Scrap Girls.

This Unicorn kit; WOW!!! Please do a lot more in this line; sometimes when I see all the "princess" kits, I wish for more different stuff (not that princess is bad, just would like some other things to go with, or do other layouts with!)

I have a heavy interest in fantasy as well, but I have my own ideas of designs to do as I learn more about designing.

Not only is the theme beautiful, but the colors and motifs and stuff, too! Thanks for doing this; it's on my wishlist, rather high up on it in fact!