Monday, 9 July 2007

Crochet & Relaxing Weekend

Steve and I are trying our best not to work so much on the weekends. It's hard really as our jobs are also our hobbies. Our passion. That's how we met actually. An online art gallery! So it's hard not to work when your work is also a big part of who you are and also it's a relaxing pursuit.

That said, we also love to go for long walks, wander round town, the harbour and go to the beach. We love it when we see my kids and our granddaughter as well as going to Ashford to visit my family. Lots to do other than work and be on our computers! All done mainly on the weekends.

This weekend I decided to catch up on some crochet. I've been making a bed spread for Jenni in pinks, cream and purples. Square by square. It's coming along nicely. After a long walk Saturday, I sat crocheting for most of the day. I did some housework, cooked dinner and then spent the evening crocheting.
Sunday I decided to make some cotton crochet (filet) doilies and flower motifs. I went through all my craft books and found an old crochet one and followed some patterns. I'm really pleased with how they all turned out. I even did some pretty edgings.
And now I'm thinking of scanning them and turning them into digital scrapbooking products! Ever resourceful, eh?


Sarebear said...

That's the thing about being a multi-crafter - it's great when intersect, plus they provide fodder for digi-designs (newbie digiscrapper, w/tons of design ideas; I've made a nifty paper over in Jessica Sprague's PhotoShop Friday gallery, a really nifty type of design I have different ideas and color ideas for and making different ones of and stuff)

Also been working on a mod apple design, a coaster version (I don't know how to do chipboard look tho), and a pattern fill. It's fun, even if I don't know what I'm doing.


domestic goddess said...

oh Di these are lovely, so wish i could crochet!
thanks for popping by my blog x

hillychris said...

What lovely designs, I would love to be able to follow a crochet patter but can’t quite understand it. Now that I'm retired, (Hooray!!) I will have more time to myself and would love to learn. Well done.