Friday, 13 July 2007

Something I Ate?

I'm not feeling well so I decided to get up and work. Not sure if it's something I ate but all night I fought off running to the loo and throwing up. I've also got a temperature and had a headache for a few hours now. Drinking lots of water.

I can't stay in bed when I feel unwell like that. I need a distraction even though I've been sitting here a couple of hours now and just kinda lying back in my chair staring out the window. Yes, I have done some work. I'm working on a new digital scrapbooking kit called "Amelie" - a french country style themed set of graphics. One of the customers at Scrap Girls requested it and it inspired me so I've been working on getting it done. I think some of the other designers are doing a similar collection so it will be interesting to see how they turn out.

Oh and I love my iPod at times like this. Early morning. Steve's still in bed fast asleep. Everything's still and quiet outside. Perfect. Now, if I could just shift this virus that's hurting me..

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