Wednesday, 29 August 2007

21st Century Town?

I just got back from town. Went for a really long walk, through town and to the harbour/beach. Stopped in lots of wonderful shops selling hand-made crafts. I love this place. Feel so lucky to live somewhere so inspirational. So what surprised me is that most of the shops here shut at 1pm on Wednesdays. Half day closing. Only the tourist shops and main national chains (like Woolworths/Boots were open). Wow! How cool is that?! I love it. I love that this little town is stuck in a time warp. And it looks it.

It felt good to get out. Fresh air. Exercise. Now I can get back to work.


Syndee said...

You are making me jealous Diane! Sounds like such a wonderfully slow paced place to live!

20Birds said...

i love living where i live too, but your town sounds fabulous

20Birds said...

you dont have to write back, wanted you to know i am praying and hope it all goes well, let me know when the shop is online... i wnat to visit