Sunday, 12 August 2007

Family Time

Just got back from a weekend spent with my sister, her 2 girls, my parents and my brother. So good to be with them all. I babysat my sister's girls as her and her hubby went to Twickenham to see England v. France (rugby). And then today I spent with my parents and my brother. A wonderful time. Especially sitting with my mum later on in the afternoon. Dad fell asleep on the sun lounger and Pete (brother) went out so Mum and I spent the afternoon sipping rum and cokes and talking. It was a precious time. A very special time although I really missed my hubby and was so happy to get home to him this evening.

And to top off a wonderful weekend, I came home to a beautiful, letter, card and gift from my darling daughter who lives in New Zealand. It was an amazing card with beautiful words about how she feels about me, her Mum. Oh I love that girl so much and miss her incredibly.

Now, back to work... Well, tomorrow anyway...

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