Tuesday, 14 August 2007

One Computer Taken for Granted

Ugh! My poor computer is dying. I got the "blue screen of death" a few times last night. Gut feeling - my pc is about to die. I've always been pretty good at doing back-ups and as such I'm doing a mega mega back-up hoping and praying it all stays stable enough for me to finish. I'm sad. I realise how much I love my pc. It's my part of my huge digital art tool box and as well as my way to create a living, I use my pc for my r&r. I love my pc. It's old and I'm in need of a new one. I can't upgrade this thing any more. So now I'm going to work extra hard to save for a new pc.

I'm amazed at how much I've taken this thing for granted. It works every day, all day. But boy oh boy how horrible when it stops working. And the time it takes to double make sure you've backed up all your files. Outlook pst file; all my photoshop presets; my downloads; my photoshop filters; and the list goes on.

Wish me luck!


-eVa- said...

Awwwhhh how bad! I keep my fingers crossed that you can safe everything you need!

michellewaite1 said...

I hope you can save your computer. So is the "Garden of England" Surrey? It reminds me of Jane Austin's Emma where there is a discussion of which place is the garden of England.

Sassy said...

ahhhh NO I dread that day!!!
I hope you can get everything saved ok!!!
Thank you for visiting my blog!! It's great to meet Fellow UK scrappers/designers isn't it?? there don't seem to be many of us!

Syndee said...

Oh man Diane, that is awful! I have had that happen to me too. It is such a horrible feeling, I will be holding out good thoughts that you can recover your files and presets!