Monday, 27 August 2007

Seize the Day!

I love the Scrap Girls newsletters. Always wonderful artwork, products (of course!), Ro's muses, tutorials etc. Anyway, today's featured "Meet: Mandy Steward" - A Designer's Life and it was fantastic. She shared about "seizing today". Not putting off what we want in life... waiting until life gets easier.. or we get more money.. or whatever else. But living for today and doing the things we've always wanted to do but put off until "life settles down".

It's made me think about how I spend my time each day. My life has dramatically changed recently (in the past year). It's so different than before. I have new opportunities in front of me and I need to take them and run with them. When my children were growing up I used to dream of the day when I'd be on my own and free to explore some of my artistic endeavours and generally enjoying doing things for "me". Having lots of "me" time. Don't get me wrong... I loved the times I had with my children. They're a great source of joy in my life. It was hard work though - sometimes... a lot of the time. I had four under four. They were close in age. And I was so very young. Although, I still have "sad" days where I wish I could have some of that time over again.

Anyway, the point is, they're all grown up and left home. I've recently re-married and am now in a situation where I do have much more time to pursue "me". But somehow I keep telling myself I'll do certain things when "life settles down". I need to do them now. I need to stop procrastinating and just "do it". And so Mandy's words have really challenged me to start making some changes in my life. Nothing major. Just a shift in how I view my day. Every day. Doing the things I've always wanted to do and to stop putting them off.

Mandy has written some more on her blog about this subject and I tell you.. it's fantastic. It's a challenge to me. Inspirational also.

I'm seizing the day!


20Birds said...

i just droppe don of at
University and the others are startying shcool next week, and while i alreadiy miss the fun of summer, I am so excited aboudt some me time coming up... i mentioned you in the blog today... love your new stuff

20Birds said...

pretty spastic typing i did on this comment... sorry

jj said...

good on ya, mum! i need to learn to seize mine, too! maybe tomorrow hehe but only because its 9pm and im going to bed within the hour and im not sure how i could seize the entire day in that space of time! :D x