Monday, 10 September 2007

More Creativity

In spite of being unwell today, I managed to get another product added to my store:It was a good day even though I felt so "off". Can't really explain it. I was quite nauseous this morning - couldn't be sick as I was hungry and nothing in my tummy. I had strange aches and pains and was quite tearful. Fairly sure it's my PMS!

I cheered up quite a bit later on in the afternoon when my youngest son came online - msn - I haven't seen him for a couple of months. I know he's crazy busy at work and like all normal 20 yr old's, he has a very busy social life! Anyway, we had a little chat and it was good!

So now back to more creativity! So much to do... and it's nearly Christmas ;)


domestic goddess said...

hi Di
thanks for popping by my blog, wow what a 2 years you have had!!! so glad to hear you are hapy now, and i am loving your digi papers,
anna x

20Birds said...

fabulous kit, if you were serious, I would love to play... cant scrap until tomorrow as I am near death ( abit melodramatic, I know)but i looooove that kit

Syndee said...

Oh man, don't mention Christmas wasn't it just here? lol! Love the new papers!