Thursday, 10 January 2008


The beginning of a New Year is always so great for resolutions and goals. I've got new goals for this year. Steve and I went out and bought a magnetic white board, 3 month to view wall calendar and a little desk day to view calendar for me. We want to be more organised re: our work this year.

I also got a couple of lovely journal books for my birthday and I'm using one of them to do daily "to do" lists. It's helping me stay focused day by day.

We found that last year went very quickly and while we loved the work that we did and achieved, we also know that there was a lot we wanted to do but didn't and a lot of it was due to lack of organisation and being focused. Planning.

So one of my goals this year is to be more focused and plan work and leisure time.

I want to create more themed and seasonal products this year and it means working a couple of months or more ahead the whole time. I need to visually see that on our calendar/board. I don't want to miss opportunities for either my 3d or 2d products re: seasonal/themed. Time goes by so quickly and suddenly we are looking at Valentine's Day and then Easter, Spring and Summer. So many opportunities right there for products.

So yeah - more organised and better planning.

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