Sunday, 10 February 2008

"Proud and Loud"

Pride is the last of the seven deadly sins for the photo challenge over at HS|MS. However, Suzy has asked that we take a different spin on it and talk about those things we are really proud about. Specifically to do with our creativity and talents. Suzy talks about how so many are quick to knock somone who is successful, talented, gifted. It seems that we can't be proud of what we achieve. It seems if we shout about it even on our blogs, there are people waiting in the wings to knock us for it. Why?

I find the talent, creativity and success of others inspiring. It encourages me because it pushes me on. It makes me push for my own goals and dreams. It's a good thing!

Ok - so what am I proud of/about? Well, I'm proud that I've been published in a couple of craft magazines and also a 3d art magazine. I'm proud that I can work from home as a digital artist and make a fairly decent living doing it. Most of all though, I'm proud of my little one store - Digital Scrapbook Creations! It's taken me almost 2 yrs of umming and aaahing about getting it together and slowly I'm building up a nice little catalogue of products.

My goal is to work on it full time. My dream is for it to be my main income and to be a successful digital product designer. Yep! I'm proud for sure.


Julia said...

Hi! I can totally understand you. I think everyone should be so proud for everything he does or creates or whatever!
Why not?
I am proud of myself, too ;)


Zoe said...

So you should be proud, personally I'm just grateful that there are people like you there to provide inspiration for others (like me) - keep at it!

SuzyB said...

And so you should be proud of these achievements - well done you!

Kelly T. said...

Girl... you should be proud. I think I found me a store to love! Awesome =)


Diana said...

Well done!

Sue Nicholson said...

You are amazing . . . and I don't say it unless I mean it. You are truly gifted and so kind with it.

So many things, small and big that you should be proud of . . . walk tall Di :-)

People knock us for the same reasons that people steal . . . It's jealousy and a belief that there simply isn't enough to go around. How wrong are they? How very wrong and very sad that they feel like this :-(