Saturday, 8 March 2008


When inspiration hits, you just have to go with it even if it's in the wee small hours! I was sorting out my photos last night and came across the ones I took of my granddaughter when she came to stay a couple of weeks ago.

She was really quite poorly and not at all her old self. She was teething and it was obviously causing her a lot of pain and upset. I took this photo of her sat on the chair just kinda half playing and half cuddling her teddy. I just had to do some photo art with it. Another to add to her photo book, me thinks.


Jenga said...

Glad you seem to be feeling better now :) xx

Niecey said...

This is so precious. What a beautiful child. I love the blending

Marianne said...

Oh what beautiful eyes she has. Lovely layout. What a nice blog.