Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Three Days and Counting

Hope everyone had a great Easter. It was very quiet for us. We didn't venture out far as I've had a bit of head cold thing going on. . . ear ache, sore throat, glands all up. . . you know the stuff. So yeah. Stayed in the warm. Finished some bits and bobs.

Got a new freebie added to the store. It's a sampler of one of my digital craft kits. These aren't your normal digital scrapbooking kits. They are square 512px seamless tiles that you can use to create your own papers for scrapping, card making or whatever. The patterns are repeating and because they're much smaller than most 12x12 papers, you get a much more delicate looking pattern. Anyway, they're something different so go download this sampler and give them a whirl.

They are very popular with texture artists as they're great for creating textures for 3d models and so I sell alot in my store at Daz3D. Yep, they're very versatile! I've also done a tutorial for those wanting to know how to create a digital paper using a seamless tile. You can find the tutorial here and here's the freebie:

{image is clickable!}

Here's a quick layout I created using the above digital craft kit. It's actually a re-working of an older layout.

Oh and yes, just 3 days to go and Jenni, my daughter, will be home from New Zealand. I can't wait. I've missed her so much and she needs to be home with her family now. We're all so excited, as is she, to all be together again. I'm going to be taking next week off work so I can spend some quality time with her. Got lots of gos to catch up on!

The word over at HS|MS is "balance". What a word! I thought of lots of things. It was quite interesting... thinking about all the various things in my life that need balance from diet and exercise to work and play and the list goes on. In the end though I photographed some of my lotions, potions, shampoo etc.. for maintaining a good ph balance for skin and hair. Well, so the marketing/advertisting blurb would have us believe!


Anonymous said...

It might be hair products but I really like the photo: maybe it's the black and white.

Love your kit too: I'll have to pop back and read your tutorial as it's time for me to get some beauty sleep!

AfriDigiDiva said...

That's a gorgeous kit. You're extremely talented.

~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Love the sampler! Off to check it and the tutorial out!

Thanks for sharing!


Rach said...

Great take on the word - very clever. Love the kit too will be back later after work and grab it for myself and like Jane to read the tutorial. Thanks in advance. X

Zoe said...

Great take on it! Will have to have a go with digi kits one of these days- not sure I'm up to it yet! :) x

Kirsty Wiseman said...

di. i wish I had time to thank you for the support you show on HSMS everyday - but I dont.
I still love you.
you are a digi goddess

kirsty xx

Dani said...

So glad that Jenni is on her way home. Praying for a safe trip for her. Take lots of photos! lots of love, Dani