Monday, 12 May 2008

Paper Scraps

Ok, so I never got into the whole paper scrapping thing. I went straight for digi. But I've always been a crafter and there's a huge crossover between scrapbooking and other paper crafts. And I've noticed it a lot recently as I've taken up a new hobby creating mixed media art.

As I've mentioned before, my hubby bought me a bunch of art supplies knowing how much I've loved doodling in my sketch pad and talking about how much I'd like to paint. So anyway, I discovered the joy of creating mixed media pieces and use a lot of scrapbooking papers. Scraps of anything really. Old books. Card. Magazines. And yes, scrapbooking papers.

See this little folksy art house canvas I created, the house and flowers are a mixture of scrap scrapbooking papers, paint and torn up book pages. Cool eh?

So if any of my blog readers and paper scrapbooking friends keep their scraps, I'd love to take them off your hands. Will be happy to pay a small token for them and postage of course. I'm looking for pieces that are about 2" wide or bigger.

Don't throw your scraps away. I'll have them. Email me if you have any so we can sort out payment/postage etc.. And I'll be so very grateful. Waste not, want not. x

Oh and before I go, here's my photo for the HS|MS photo word prompt, lines. We've had some super dupa weather lately which means lots of walks down to the beach and harbour. Those dunlins birds are so funny and are everywhere. They love all the ropes and netting at the harbour. Anyway, lots of lines in this photo!

Hope everyone has a fab day!


Diana said...

Cool lines and the ones that make up the fence in the background!

Bambi said...

definitely lots of lines!

DigiscrapMom said...

These are all beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Rach said...

Great lines. x

Dani said...

Cute! I never throw my scraps away either. Sweetie, did you get my email, with my emails? *smile* lots of love, Dani

Niecey said...

wow I love it. You rock, oh great creative one. :)