Friday, 6 June 2008

Summer Rain

It's been raining almost every day this past week. Light showers. Heavy showers. Steady misty rain. Drizzle. All kinds of rain. It's warm and humid though. Summer rain. It doesn't bother me. I quite like it. I've been out a couple of times in it. The air smells sweet. Fresh cut grass. Flowers and blossoms blooming all around. It's so pretty. And the colours seem to come alive in nature after rainfall. Bright greens. Lush. Of course, it's also good for us hay fever sufferers. Keeps the pollen count down.

Today it's a fine misty rain. And it looks set to be here for the day. So I'm going to Spring clean our flat. Do my once a week deep clean. I love to have everything clean and tidy. I work better for some reason when everything's clean and tidy. I do leave it for a while and then I realise I get restless and grouchy. It bothers me for a day or 2 and then I have to tidy up and clean. Ha! Easier of course now my nest is empty. Although I actually didn't mind the untidiness when they were little. Toys, books and clothes scattered every where. I digress.So once the flat's all tidy and clean, I'm going to paint. Sort out my craft stash. Play with buttons. Design some clothes for doll making. Yep. I want to try and make some little cloth and clothepin dolls. I'm trying to get in Christmas present mode. We plan to create handmade presents this year!

Happy Friday everyone


Joyce said...

Great 'bloom'!

Bambi said...

love the color of your rose!

Zoe said...

Gorgeous rose and love all those buttons x

Stefi said...

Lovely shot, we've been quite lucky up here not had rain for the past 2 days!!!