Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot

Yep. Summer's well and truly here. It's utterly gorgeous outside and so hot. We went to the beach this morning for a walk and the water looked amazing. Beautiful turquoise colour and crystal clear which is amazing for the north coast in Kent.

After our walk we wandered through town. I bought some fabrics, netting and other craft odds and ends for some little dolls I'm making. Got home; had lunch; tidied up and then sat out in the garden catching some rays. Oh and also started my fairy dolls. Just waiting for the paint to dry and then I'm going to start the costume part. Yippee. It's fun!

Looking forward to a nice, quiet and crafty evening. Making tuna salad for dinner.

Life is good. I'm blessed so much. Thank you, God, for my life. For the people in my life. Each one of them. Thank you for who I am and all that I do. And thank you for the beautiful sunshine.


mystele said...

di, i can't wait to see your dolls! and thank you so much for your observation about my painting...i didn't realize a shift (because i don't know what i'm doing!), and it's encouraging to hear that it's progressing. yea!!!

Niecey said...

Ah sounds wonderful. We're having nice hot Nebraskan weather too, but don't live anywhere near a beach! Stuck right in the middle of America. I do miss the seaside.