Saturday, 19 July 2008

Random Panic Attack

Hmmm not sure why but I had a panic attack earlier on today. I used to get them about 2 yrs ago as a result of my divorce and stuff I was going through. So today I decided to pop into town for a couple of things and totally forgot about the weekend of celebrations here - regatta, oyster festival and such like. Crowds weren't too bad. Main road was closed off.

I popped into Woolies and by the time I paid for my things there was a huge parade going down the street. Loud noices. Brass band. Lots of people. Too many people. Couldn't hardly get out of the door. I suddenly felt trapped and burst into tears. I realised I was struggling to breathe and escaped down an alley. Ugh! I just couldn't stop crying and my breathing was so fast and laboured. I called Steve who heroically walked into town to get me. I walked down to the seafront away from the crowds and just sat waiting for Steve. I calmed down alot but was really shaky.

Don't know what that was about. Ugh! Just crept up on me out of the blue. I've never really liked parades and big crowds and seem to always get tearful but never panic striken.

Spending the rest of the day creating some mixed media art and then I'm going to cook my man a nice birthday dinner.

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