Sunday, 4 January 2009

A New Day

First of all, I just want to thank you all for your encouragement, words of wisdom and understanding in regards to my last post. I was wary of sharing so much so "publicly". However, I felt that there would be some kind of "accountability" in what I was doing, sharing so much in such a public way.

It's time to get healing. It's time to start making positive changes to rid myself of all those hang-ups, hurts and frustrations that have kept me down for far too long now. I'm going to be reading the books suggested to me as well as continue to pray for healing and making good, positive choices for my life. I've already read "Captivating" and I'm going to read it again but actually do a study on it rather than just read it. I need it to sink in and work in a positive way rather than just finish it and think what a great book it is.

I know my art and craft is a part of the healing process for me too. I need to be creative. I think everyone does in whatever form they choose. It's healing. Perhaps more so than any of us realise. There's something quite deep and spiritual when you get lost in being creative. I feel it whether I'm doing some crocheting, digital scrapbooking, painting, drawing or making something on my sewing machine.

[A robin I drew and painted for my mum for Christmas]
[mixed media, 8x8 canvas]

And I want to do that more. More art. More crafts. Every day to create. Maybe just for half hour or maybe all day. However much time I can afford on any given day I know being able to creatively express myself will do wonders for my spirit, healing and well being. It's a new day and I'm excited about the challenges ahead. Even when it gets tough as it often does, I will be resting in the knowledge that I'm making progress.


Renee said...

Glad to hear it.

I love your bird.

Love Renee xoxoo

Sarah said...

You are right about the healing qualities of being creative. It takes you outside of yourself. I love gardening for the same reason though I haven't done that much recently I intend to this new year. Glad you are feeling positive.

Anonymous said...

The little robin is so sweet,I bet your mum was well pleased wirh her gift? My mum loves robins, well anykind of bird. I grew up around an avery full of canaries. Anyone finds a poorly one in the streets, my mum nurses them and when better we watch them go free. I see a pair of robins go in the hedge next door all year round. What a beautiful memory I have just had looking at your painting, thank you so much.
You get to see the gallery before I do,lol! You will have to let me know how your visit goes? So pleased your close enough!

Deirdra Doan said...

Oh the Robin is so so sweet!! Are you from Norway? or why did you live there?