Friday, 27 February 2009

Moments Moving On

So fast. Time moving so fast. I'm spending my days working between new products for my online store. Card making. Yep. Card making. I've been creating a new printable range of patterns and embellishments and needed to get them all printed up so I can "test" them and get some cards made. Will show photos soon. I've also been helping out with my family as and when I'm needed. Including babysitting my niece and granddaughter.

What else? Oh yeah. More exercise. Losing weight. Yay! Talking and planning our next step re: moving home next year. Buying or renting? Reading. Lots of home and country magazines. Art and design. Crafting. And I've been meeting up with my college friend brainstorming new greeting card designs. So much. All good. Keeping my head above water. Working through issues. Staying positive. Focused. Hopeful. Mustard seed Faith. Faith nonetheless.

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Niecey said...

Sounds positive. :) I'm praying for blessings for you.