Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Garden of England in Spring

We had a wonderful Easter with lots of quality family time, food, chocolate and beautiful Spring sunshine.

Today we took time out and decided to go for an impromptu drive into the country. Well actually we had to go to the accountants and took the scenic route home. We decided there and then that we wouldn't rush home but instead take some very much needed time to just be together. And so glad we did. The weather was beautiful and we stopped off a couple of times to take photos and just enjoy the English countryside and each othere's company.Ever since Steve and I met, we've talked time and again about where we wanted to settle down together. It's been difficult as I really feel the need to be near my children and grandchildren. We moved back here (my hometown) back in October more out of the need to be near my parents and especially my Dad who's got cancer. The longer we've been here though the more we've been feeling that this is our hometown.

This is where we're supposed to be. And to confirm that, we committed ourselves to buying our first home together. Today, as we drove through the Kent countryside, we knew more than ever that this is home. Finally. It felt right. It was good to suddenly realise we're exactly where we need to be.


Niecey said...

That's wonderful (though I'm partial to North of the border of course). Finding a place to settle, is a big deal. Those photos are beautiful. You deserve such happiness.

whatkatiedid said...

Oh that's lovely to have found The Place to settle down in, your photos are beautiful too - such a lovely snapshot of spring!

Heather said...

oh WOW....these photos are gorgeous. what a lovely English spring! You are so lucky to live in a place so rich in beauty and history. Ah, Im sure there isnt a season that isnt beautiful there!

Sarah said...

I love your photos of beautiful Kent Di! Is that Pluckley somewhere in there?-the windows made me think that. I am glad you and Steve have found where you want to be.