Friday, 11 September 2009

Home is Where the Heart Is

That really sums up my week.

Being at home.  Comforting.  Spiritual.  Loving.  Inspiring.  A time of baking, crafting, creating art.  Cleaning, tidying.  Walks with my beloved.  Lunch on the seafront.  Healthy food.  Good food.  Reading.  Sleeping.  Telephone conversations with my children.  My youngest son's been unwell and called us for advice re: medicines so we went shopping and took him some good food, drink and medicine.  Time with my second oldest son and his family.  They invited us for dinner.  Bathing my grandchildren.  Getting them ready for bed.  Reading a story to my 2yr granddaughter. Enjoying a meal with son and daughter-in-law when the kiddies were all tucked up in bed and then fun playing scrabble.  So special.

New haircut.  Time with my mum.  Sitting in the garden with her and then at the kitchen table.  Just talking.  Being together.  Chatting to my daughter on the phone.  Making plans for a "chick flick" night next week and a trip to Hobbycraft.  Talking to my eldest son on the phone about his plans for coming home to visit this weekend.  I spoke to all my children this week.  Yes.

Seeing friends.  Talking about painting, art, sculpting.  Sharing tales of holidays.  Warm embraces.  Giving birthday gifts.  Oh the joy!

Meeting new online friends.  Going deeper with God with them.  A new small online fellowship group of like-minded women.  All searching.  Helping.  Encouraging.  Praying.  For each other.  Sharing.  Honesty.  Humility.

And then today.  Being unwell and cared for by my Steve.  Lovingly caring for me.  Feeling frustrated at not being able to take away my pain.  But just holding me.  Loving me.  Cleaning the kitchen.  Doing the dinner.  Cleaning the kitchen again.

It doesn't get better than this.  Truly.  It's been a good week.

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Anonymous said...

Oh the photograph of the two little ones in the bath brings back memories for me. I use to lay my son on his back in the bath like that too and he loved it :-)

Found your blog via your comment on Ink on my fingers!