Sunday, 8 November 2009

In the Moment

In no particular order, I'm

  • looking forward to getting my eyes tested this week
  • loving my family and feeling so blessed by them
  • dreaming big 
  • going to be writing lists for Christmas shopping
  • excited about having my 2 yr old granddaughter staying next weekend
  • totally, utterly and so very completely in love with my husband
  • moving forward
  • going to paint a robin this week
  • hoping my blinds will arrive soon
  • creatively flying high
  • praying for the health of my family
  • happy
  • wanting more art supplies
  • letting go
  • believing in miracles
  • loving Yankee Candles frosted pumpkin
  • hoping for some dark, grey days this week
  • going to curl up and read good book (if there are some dark, grey days this week)
  • still wondering what on earth happened to my camera? where could it have gone?
  • looking forward to this new week with much joie de vivre

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