Friday, 25 May 2012

"The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design"

Back in November, I signed up for an e-course, "The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design", by UK surface pattern designer, Rachael Taylor and "Do What You Love" life coach, Beth Nicholls.  From the second I saw it on Beth's blog, it spoke to me and I knew I had to do it.

I've always doodled.  I've always loved pattern and colour.  But I'm not someone that's ever had yearnings to be a fabric designer or any kind of surface pattern design, actually.  I saw an opportunity to learn more about pattern design.  And hopefully be inspired to create some new product lines for my online store.

There are 3 Modules, each one can be purchased as separate e-courses and are wothy in their own right.  However, I wanted to do all 3 Modules.  I somehow felt I would miss out if I didn't do all three!  From the start of Module 1 to the end of Module 3 it was pretty full on.  The content, which included creative exercises, industry information, technical workshops, business advice and much more, was top notch.  Inspiring.  Motivating.  Challenging.

The first thing that spoke to me was that my incessent need to doodle hasn't been (and isn't) a waste of time! Ha!  What a simple revelation. In Module 1 of the course, I discovered the joy of putting my doodles to good use.  I'd only ever used my sketch books as a way of putting design ideas together.  Creating mood boards and themes for each new idea or graphic set.  Now, I had a whole new creative process.

As the course progressed, I did have moments of confusion.  Maybe I could be a fabric designer?  Or, I know, I'm going to be wallpaper designer!!  Yes, that's it.  Oh no.  That's not for me.  I'm going to design a new range of home decor products.  Yep, that's it.  But it wasn't.  Ultimately, I believe it was just inspiration.  A realisation that I could actually do any of those things if I wanted to.

It's knowing that the possiblities are there for me and my business.  I have an open heart and mind to continue to learn and evolve while staying true and grounded to my original vision and dreams!  "The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design" course was an investment into my business and my ongoing love and passion of colour and design!  Worth every penny, and then some.

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