Sunday, 14 January 2007

More, More, More

Yep, more. More love, more art, more work, more rain, more movies, more happiness. My life seems to be full of an abundance of stuff.

Got more love in my heart than I know what to do with. For Steve, my children and my granddaughter. Lots of wonderful love in my life. I know I'm blessed.

As for work and art, I'm overwhelmed by all the ideas for new art I want to create as well as for new products both for 3d and my digital scrapbooking designs. Plus, Steve has uploaded a couple more of his images to our store that are now available as prints. My personal favourites are "Howdy Girl" and "An Unexpected Party".

Oh and yes, there's more rain. Rain, rain, rain. But that's to be expected. It's winter and I live in England! It actually doesn't bother me that much. As long as I don't have to go out. I can sit on the sofa, look out onto the canal and watch the ducks, swans and geese having a good ole time! Talking of the sofa, Steve and I don't have the tv tuned in so we only use it to watch dvds. And we usually watch a movie every night. We've also been watching Friends when we have our lunch. We joined the Tesco dvd rental club and it's really working out great for us. Much easier than going out to Blockbuster. Don't ya just love the internet?!

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Rose DesRochers said...

I'm glad to hear things worked out for you or rather are working out for you. I wish you both much happiness.