Thursday, 18 January 2007

Gone With The Wind!

A day for staying in.. gale force winds hit most of the country today including West Yorkshire. It was pretty grim out there. The otherwise slow, calm canal was actually producing waves. Certainly something to see. If only those ducks, swans and geese could've got their surfboards out in time, they would've had a blast!

Apparantly Kent got it a lot worse and were affected by uprooted trees, fences blown down and roofs caving in or being ripped off. And all I wanted was a bit of snow this Winter. Still got a couple of months left so here's hoping!

1 comment:

jj said...

It's much calmer over here today, AND the sun is shining, hurrah!!

Kris must be traumatised, he is not at work today ;) *hehe* must have been terribly scary, though.

I bet you and Steve had a right laugh joking about the ducks and there surf boards. I can imagine it now.