Sunday, 25 March 2007

A Beautiful Day!

I just had the most amazing day with my man. We got up early and drove to Harrowgate where he dropped me off at the "Paper Extravaganza" show. I had a wonderful time wandering round looking at all the fab paper craft products and bought a couple of bits and pieces. My best buy was a beautiful Mimi Digiscrap Laptop Tote Bag (mine is lilac!) It's so lush. I love it. It's perfect for me.

Steve then picked me up and we decided to go for a drive as it was still quite early (2:30pm). We ended up driving through the Yorkshire Dales National Park and oh my goodness it was beautiful. We decided to go to Bolton Abbey and weren't disappointed. It was stunning. Steve took 100's of photos (will sort them out soon) of the ruins, the river and the countryside.. oh and a couple of me and Cassy (our demented German short-haired pointer). The weather was wonderful. The sky was blue with the odd fluffy cloud; there were Spring flowers everywhere... and it was oh so perfect.

A welcome break from our computers, packing and the mad onslaught of the next week or two!


jj said...

Umm, you called Cassy demented! *gasp*.... I'm gonna tell on you! hehehe

nelly said...

that bag is awesome!! sounds like a wonderful day!

good luck with your move and your wedding =) hope to see lots of layouts on scrapgirls!!