Saturday, 3 March 2007

Change of Scenery

I've been unwell and woke up this morning feeling pretty down and upset. Tearful. It started last night. I think it's being unwell but also missing my family and just eager to get moved back to Kent. Anyway, one of my dearest friends phoned me and for some reason I ended up crying and realised I'm still not completely over my divorce. I see how things look to others who don't know the truth of the situation. I shouldn't care but I do and as I was talking to my friend, I just started crying. She's a wonderful friend and said all the right things and helped so much.

After that, I just couldn't shake my depression. My dearest Steve came and sat with me on the sofa and we talked and talked. It helped and then he decided to take me out. For a drive. To see the world around us and it was wonderful. It was exactly what I needed. We didn't really go far before we were hit by spectacular views. It was freezing cold but so exhilerating. I came back happier and excited once again about my new life.

I'm certain everything will fall into place in time. I'm excited about moving and I'm excited about my work which also happens to be my passion and great love. I know I'm so lucky to have such Blessings in my life... it's just that the past sometimes comes back and haunts me. Plus, I feel frustrated at not being near my kids and granddaughter. So right now I'm focusing on working and getting enough money together to move asap!

Oh and yesterday I went for a little walk on my own and took some photos of the local ducks. They are cheeky little chappies and so tame. As I was walking along the tow path I saw 2 of them flying and I just started taking photos and managed to catch them landing in the canal. The shots are not great but it was wonderful to watch and so glad I got some photos of it. I've decided to create a photo book (coffee table book!) of our first months here in Yorkshire. I want to have something of this time as it has been foundational for our relationship and there's so much here that we love and so I want a record of it. I'm glad I moved here. I know it was for just a Season though and I'm ready now to be where I need to be - with my children and granddaughter.

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jj said...

Such lovely pictures! The duck ones are brilliant - I love those little guys!

It really won't be long until you're back in Kent. It's going to fly by! None of us can wait - yaaay! I think that's why I spend so much time with Laura - she's the next best thing to you, hehe!

Speak to you soon x