Sunday, 4 March 2007

Happy Sunday!

I woke up feeling so happy and light hearted today. My mood has greatly improved. A lot happened in the last couple of days and I got more closure on my past (divorce) by talking to my ex about "stuff". It helped. Now, my main focus is getting down to Kent where I can be near my precious children and granddaughter.

Steve and I also talked about getting married. I think we are going to "just do it". Neither of us want a "tradtional" wedding. We just want to be married, y'know? No big deal. Just husband and wife. So I think we're going to possibly do it in April and then once we've moved have a nice party and get together with my family to celebrate. But for now, we just need to be married.

Sunday is a day for leisurely activities, so my Dad is always telling me. It's true. But the thing is my work and my art are all the same thing. I'm creating some new products for my new store and it's so exciting. I love it. It's what I do and it's who I am. I may go for a nice long walk later but right now it's pouring with rain.

Oh and I'm creating some LOTR inspired papers/backgrounds. Steve and I watched an amazing documentary this morning (while having breakfast) about the making of The Lord of The Rings and I was so inspired. Some of it actually made me tearful in as much as I love, love Tolkien and that triology. Peter Jackson and his whole team were genius in what they achieved. I've started to read the books again. I read them many years ago when I was young and while I have always loved them and the world that Tolkien created, I think I'm going to appreciate reading them again much more now I'm an adult.

Oh and did you know that C.S Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia) and J.R.R Tolkien were good friends? Wow! Can you imagine being in the same room as these great authors and listening to their conversations? They both had dreams about the kind of worlds they wanted to read about and both had to write about them in order to read them.. if that makes sense. So yes, it's a good day today. And I'm inspired!

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nelly said...

i know there is a pub down in oxford, the eagle and child, where c.s. lewis hung out, j.r.r. tolkien might have been one of his pub buddies there!!

janelle (scrapgirls)