Saturday, 23 June 2007


I love the weekends which is strange because they're not that terribly different from the week days for me. But I do feel like I can have a little lie in if I want to as well as perhaps sit and watch a dvd or do something completely different. Most weekends I work. I love my work and it's also my creative outlet. It's what I love to do. Every other weekend I see my boys and daughter-in-law at some point and also my little granddaughter which is a great joy in my life.

More Creativity
I've been busy with more products and doing some more digital scrapbooking layouts. This one is of little Jorja (granddaughter) at Easter.

Here's one that I did of Jenni and my niece, Madison:

And here's some of my recent digital scrapbooking products I've just released at Scrap Girls:
Assemble Your Own: Jewelled FlowersAssemble Your Own: Jewelled Flowers IIAnd Assemble Your Own: Primrose Hill Word Plaques
More details can found at my store at Scrap Girls!

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hillychris said...

I love the pictures etc but I'm not sure what 'scap booking' is? Is it backgrounds for people to write on or changes to pictures? Help! I also made a comment to yours on my web site so do read it when you have time. xx