Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Is it Autumn yet?

It's so cold today. It doesn't help that I feel so unwell. Rotten time of month and it never gets easier in spite of medication and a Mirena device. But that's a whole other story. I look out the window and it's grey, windy and so cloudy. June? More like October which if that was the truth, I'd be reasonably happy. I love all the Seasons... I love the promise of new things that appear in Spring; warm sunshine on my face in the Summer and the hope of snow and cold frosty mornings in Winter. But Autumn is my favourite Season. And I'm not entirely sure why. The colours? Definitely. I think it's also the run up to Christmas.

I love Christmas so much. The couple of months, weeks and days running up to Christmas are fabulous. My mum always made Christmas so incredibly special when we were little. We never had much money but Mum spent time with us making things from cards to decorations. And as we got older, it was still special in a different way. A lot of traditions. Living in Norway for several years made it even more amazing. I love the scandinavian traditions and decorations and I took that on when I got married and had my children. I did my best to make things magical and special for my children even with no money most years when they were small. But it didn't matter. We had the warmth and love of close family and each other. That's what it was about. And so, I love Christmas... And now I wish it was Autumn. The weather is playing games with me. It's tricking me into thinking of Autumn and Christmas when the reality is we still have the rest of Summer.

So in the meantime, I'm going to get back to working on my website, have a nice warm bath to try and get rid of my constant pain and cramps and then snuggle down and watch a dvd this afternoon.

Oh and here's another digital scrapbooing page I created - my beloved husband, Steve:

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hillychris said...

My favourite time of the year is also Auntumn but have always loved Christmas as there were so many of us we always had a good time. My dad always dressed up as Father Christmas and it wasn't until I was about 9 that I realised it was my dad and only because someone once said; "Do sit down Mr Smith" and it was my dad!!