Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Dreams of Summer and a Day of Crafting

Where is our Summer? I don't want to moan. I mustn't moan. All I can do is sit and dream of Summer. We are lucky where we are here in the South East of England. Yes, it's been raining. Really raining. Lots of storms. Cloudy days. And rain. Lots of rain. But it's nothing to the horror of what our fellow countrymen are suffering further north. Horrific flooding causing great misery. No clean water. No electricity. Millions of £££'s worth of damage.

We woke up this morning to more rain and a very dark cloudy day. It was more like October. I woke up very late even though I'd gone to be at 10:30pm the night before. I needed some sleep. A lot of sleep. I'm still recovering from being very ill last year with anaemia. My blood levels are still not up to normal. Anyway, I digress. I woke up feeling quite groggy... a little bit blue and not feeling like work at all.

So I decided to sit quietly and do some crafting. It was very therapeutic and just what I needed to do, and in the end, I will be able to use what I created for work. Initially I was going to sort out all my old bits and pieces of ribbons, material and buttons etc.. As I started to go through it all, I suddenly thought I could use it and create little "scrappy embellishments". Scrappy meaning scraps of material. Not necessarily for scrapbooking. If you know what I mean. Either way, they turned out really cute and I've decided to do another whole bunch of them.
These ones I created using blues and pinks - mainly. Trying to keep them colour co-ordinated. The next lot will be greens, rusty colours and purples. I love that I was able to use old bits and pieces. And I still managed to sort everything out and get it fairly neat and tidy.

So it was a good day in the end. Dark, cloudy and very rainy outside. Perfect excuse to stay indoors, sit at my table and be creative all day long.

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focusfinder said...

Good therapy indeed, Di.

I think some of your hand-crafted items would look good in close-up. Why not have a go at using your camera's macro setting? I've explained it in more detail recently on my blog, which is called "Light and Shade".


Peter Bryenton