Sunday, 29 July 2007

Sunday - A Day of Rest

Well, kind of. I had a lie in this morning. Unintentional. Didn't set the alarm and woke up naturally at 11am. Ouch! I don't like getting up that late when there's so much I want to do. But I know I needed the sleep so it's ok. That was all the rest for a Sunday I was going to get.

I've worked all day on my new online store. My new business. It's just lil ole me but it's all mine. Both Steve and I are freelance graphic designers and artists and being self-employed means you have to really work at it. And work we do. It's our only income and so we know we have to make it work. Which isn't easy. Fortunately, we both absolutely love what we do. Neither of us are afraid of hard work.

So I spent the whole day today working on the back-end of my online store; writing up marketing plans; creating new products and slightly re-designing the look which is similar to my new blog header graphic. I kind of want my online presence to be cohesive. So people will recognise "Diane Rooney - Digital Scrapbook Creations" when they see it!

Not much rest today. In the end though, I'm happy to have achieved so much. There'll be other Sundays with plenty of rest. Today I had to work.


Census said...

Thanks for the kind words on my blog. Good luck with the new store, I will check it out again in September for your opening. I love your stuff at Scrap Girls, the crochet flowers are soo good! Nice to make a Brit contact.

Syndee said...

That's so exciting Diane! I can't wait to see it when it's all up and running!