Saturday, 4 August 2007

Days Like These

The sun is shining; not a cloud in the sky and there's a cool breeze. At last, a real Summer's day. I went out into the garden and walked round looking at the flowers, the dappled sunlight and up at the beautiful blue sky. My thoughts turn to all the wonderful things in my life from my wonderful husband; the life we have together; my children - my precious children, daughter-in-law and my granddaughter.I'm so blessed. I think of my parents, brother and sister. All the things in my life. I'm rich in blessings. My work. My art. My websites. They are great things to me. Special things. My friends. I feel inspired suddenly. It's a beautiful day. I love the feel of the cool almost damp grass beneath my bare feet as I wander round the garden. After taking some photos, I sat in the warm sunshine. I love the feel of the sun of my face. I feel like it's cleansing somehow and healing. It makes me feel safe. I love days like these. And I seem to be having more and more of them.


Sam said...

Hi Di
Thanks for the comment you left on my blog, gosh your digi designs are gorgeous well done. I write an IT column for Q&C mag, perhaps that's what you read?


jj said...

Your beautiful little garden - I miss it after seeing it,ooo!