Sunday, 30 September 2007

Another Week

Ok - so who stole my week? Someone? Anyone? Where's it gone? Seriously. My hubby said to me this afternoon "do you realise Michael Palin's on tonight?" No surely not. We only watched it yesterday. But no, lo and behold.. another week's zoomed past.

I've been busy. Working on lots of new products. Lots of holiday graphics as well as trying to put some album templates together... for easy digi scrapping.. for those that want to digi scrap but either don't have the time and/or the know how but love the look and quickness of getting a page together. Drag and drop scrapbooking! Cool eh? I'm hoping to do various themes as well as good colour combos. Will let you know here once they're done and in the store.

Oh and really want to thank those of you that have been buying from me and generally being very supportive. Still early days for my new online business venture but getting better all the time. Lots of new products being added in the coming weeks.

Hope everyone has a great week

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Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Di!

Am off out now but will look around your shop when I get back later on today :)

Bye for now