Wednesday, 3 October 2007

All Change

I've decided to leave Scrap Girls. With one thing and another I had to accept that it just wasn't good value for my time any more. And at the end of the day, I needed to be able to move on. I'd been thinking about it for a long time but was worried about losing the income albeit not a huge amount, it was paying the bills.

And then something happened and I realised it was the Lord giving me a shove in the right direction. I talked to my hubby about it and he's been wanting me to work with him for a long time now but I haven't been able to fully commit to that due to my obligations at Scrap Girls. He's never been truly happy with the time I spend working on Scrap Girls products/requirements versus money at the end of the month. After a long chat and some tears this morning, I took the plunge and resigned.

It's such a huge weight off of me. I was amazed at how free I suddenly felt. Even though I was worried about losing the income, I needed to find enough faith to believe that God would open another door for me. I really believe that. It's important to sometimes take a leap of faith even when it seems like a silly thing to do. I realise now that I lacked that faith when I left last time and ended up going back thinking I needed the money more.

It will also give me much more time to work on my own store that I launched back in September. I'll be able to add all my SG products to the store now. Exciting times.

So yeah. All change.



Shalae said...

We'll miss you Diane! Good luck in your creating. Your very talented and have a lot to offer.

20Birds said...

you are always in my thought ... did you see I used part of the ultimate digi-craft pack on the caroline page... actually the comment page... and it is lovely., i never knew the ease os seamless tiles before... yoeu opened a whole new world for me....God always honors those who believe Him, trust Him...

Gretch said...

Good luck on the changes.Nice blog! :)

Syndee said...

Lots of luck Diane! Keep in touch:)

Shauna Stanger said...

What a big decision. Have fun working with your husband.

Sue Nicholson said...


Firstly I tagged you :) You need to see my post today. Hope you can take part.

Changing direction is such a hard decision to make and I wish you all the best along your new road.

I am in a similar situation and crossroads. I have decided not to pursue a third book. I am not saying never just I am not actively going to work towards it. The weight came off my shoulders too :)

Now I have had four possible commissions all arrived this week. Thing is I want more time with my family and to pursue my hobbies yet the pull of the extra cash, though not much, and the thrill of being published is hard to resist.

Decision I think is all but made.

So off you go on your new journey. Have fun and enjoy :)