Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Thoughts for the Day

  • another week's gone by
  • rain
  • in pain again
  • planning stages for a book
  • digital crafting
  • submissions
  • blessed beyond
  • loving
  • missing my daughter
  • Christmas
  • more rain
  • Christmas cookies
  • thinking of how I can help a friend in so much turmoil and emotional pain
  • desk needs tidying
  • more pain

1 comment:

Sue Nicholson said...

Well at long last I am feeling better and in the right frame of mind to start sorting things out.

Just wanted to pop over to say thanks for coming over to visit and also to see how you are.

From the list it looks like the pain is still there. I do hope that you are able to sort something out to bring you some relief soon.

Take Care ((hugs)) Sue