Tuesday, 4 September 2007


Wow - almost a whole week has gone by. Ok - I've been busy with life - what can I say? It's been good. I spent time with my beloved as well as seeing my son, daughter-in-law and baby granddaughter over the weekend. And it was fantastic. They've just moved and they've got the place looking so wonderful. I'm so proud of them. And their little girl is an utter delight. She's just suddenly doing so much at just 8months old.

Oh and my new online store is now live. I'm planning a proper launch over the next week or 2 and will be doing an introductory 30% sale. It's so exciting! There's so much more planned for the coming days, weeks and months including weekly products. All the products are sold exclusively at my store. I'll still be creating regular products for my Scrap Girls boutique which will be exclusive to that store. Cool eh?

So yeah, feel free to have a little peek in my store. There's not a whole lot there yet. I'm adding stuff each day so should be quite a bit by the end of the month.


September is upon us and I'm so excited. I will be taking 2 whole days off a week between now and Christmas. There's so much that needs doing in our flat, plus Christmas gifts to make and I want to get more crafting done for my store. I create, scan, clean up, manipulate in Photoshop and then have a new digital product. I think that's some pretty cool hybrid crafting eh? So there's lots to be done. This is also my fave time of year.. .kinda between now and the end of Jan. Love the weather... stormier, colder the better. I do love the Summer sunshine but I find that as one season draws to a close, I feel desperate for the new season to unfold. I just love Autumn especially though.

Ok peeps.. thanks for stopping by... off to try and get some sleep. Tomorrow is a busy craft day and more products to upload to my store!


Syndee said...

Congrats Di!!!

Syndee said...

Congrats Di!

20Birds said...

sorry it took me so long to get abck to you... but you have not left my thoughts... and i registered at the store and made a purchase to get things rolling... as soon as i can breather i will
scrap with them... good luck, totally with you and behind you and beside you and wherever else you want me :)

Jane @ My Scrapping Life said...

Diane, thanks for sharing your recent events with us. I love September, too. I'm always sad to see the summer end because I love the outdoors and hiking, but there's just no season like autumn! Looking forward to your store and all the upcoming products. Congrats on your new venture. I love your scanned crafts -- adds such realism to my scrapbook pages. Cheers.