Wednesday, 5 December 2007

So Little Time

December is here! Yay! My fave time of year. I love the run-up to Christmas even shopping! I love Christmas music, carols and all the decs everywhere. It's in me. Part of me. Intrinsic. And it's because of my Mum. Every year since I can remember, Christmas was always so incredibly special and as the years went by I carried on the same traditions with my children. And I'm sure they will continue on as they have their own children.

So I'm excited December is here. Steve and I have a lot going on. Lots of work on still, shows to go to, our granddaughter's 1st birthday next week, shopping, Christmas tree to buy and the list goes on. All good stuff. But oh so little time to get it done! Oh and some pressies to post to New Zealand. Hmm going to get that done today actually.

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Dani said...

We're busy here too! I'm almost done shopping and decorating...still have to bake the cookies and candies. lots of love, Dani