Monday, 7 January 2008

Kick Start

First real, back to work week. Yay! Had a wonderful birthday Saturday - 44yrs old - wow - where'd those yrs. go? I love having my birthday right at the beginning of January. Kinda fits in with wanting to start fresh... same time every year.

This year feels different... I'm really excited now to get this year kick started. Lots of new goals and resolutions including losing weight and getting healthy.

I've ordered a year planner and a new desk diary. Got some nice journal books, sketch pads and other art/craft/work goodies for my birthday so I'm all set for this new year.

Been working on a 3d model/scene and texture set with hubby and now just ready for it to be finished. I love my work but I always get tetchy towards the end of a project. For some reason, this has taken us so much longer than we had planned but finally there's light at the end of the tunnel.

And then I've got a couple of fabric packs to finish; a new 3d pose/texture pack to do and more digi scrap products for my new store. Actually the work load is unending. Good thing really. I'm a workaholic. I think. I love my work. I'm blessed to be able to do this work and from home. I do know when to stop though and love nothing more than going out for walks with hubby and visiting my family or having visits from them.

I just know that it's a blessing to wake up each morning and just be so excited about the day! Work and all.

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