Thursday, 7 February 2008

Distinct Lack of Sloth

Hmmm I'm finding the photo challenges at HS|MS going through the 7 deadly sins interesting. It is fun, for sure but actually challenging and thought provoking. A good thing. Inspiring also. Another good thing.

Today the word prompt is "sloth" - first called the 'sin of sadness', now described as melancholy: apathy, depression, laziness and joylessness or the failure to utilize one's talents and gifts.

Isn't that sad? When I read that, I felt really sad. I've always thought of sloth as someone who is lazy. I've suffered from bullying (from adults) who have assumed I'm lazy because I'm overweight - you know the sort -judge a book by a cover - ugh! Anyway, when I read that meaning of sloth, I felt sad. Apathy, depression, laziness. I'm sure there are real "lazy" people but I can't help feeling that this kind of laziness is about coping with sadness and depression. Not wanting to move or do anything.

Having suffered from severe post-natal depression for 5 yrs after I had my twins, I know what it is to be "slothful". Yep. I've suffered from being a sloth. Funnily enough though it wasn't because I was overweight ha! Go figure. My body had been battered from having 4 babies in 3 yrs. 3 c-sections. Ugh! 2 emergency's. 2 babies in special care. I went into meltdown. I recovered though. Took a long time to get a decent diagnosis. Stupid doctors. But when I was put on the right medication and hormone treatment I recovered.

So today I really struggled to find "sloth" in my space. Steve and I were going to stage something for me to photograph but I said "no". We don't have sloth in our space and that's a good thing. At this point in time for me and for him. I've been through the mill with one thing and another. I'm alive. I'm inspired. I'm creative. Yes, I have bad days. Yes, my past sometimes haunts me and I have my moments but they don't last. So I really didn't want to put fake "sloth" in my space! ha!

But I did find these little slothful fairies in my space. Yep. Just lying around. Look at that third one. Has she not got the most slothful expression on her face? Her body language just screams "sloth"! These 3 little faes actually belong to my niece. Not the best photo but I think it is sloth in my space after all.

And the reason I wasn't around all day yesterday is that I just had to finish up a couple of craft packs - digital downloads for the craft store I mentioned in a previous post. I love these 2 packs. I'm really excited about selling my products via a traditional craft store. I'll tell you more once everything has been set up and I get the nod to post the link to the store. Anyway, here's the promo I did for the graphics:

Happy Thursday everyone. Hope you all have a great, productive and creative day!


Louise said...

glad you made a full recovery from your PND, having babies does take it out of our bodies doesn't it:(

Great take on the prompt

Marina said...

Great shot, oh I love fairies I have lots of them round my house. :~)

nina said...

i so love fairies! great pic

nina said...

oh i love fairies. great pic

sharon said...

I think everyone knows I LOVE FAIRIES......and I LOVE the slothful third one, very sad to hear what you have been through, glad you are better now.x

btw...your kits look lovely!

Leigh said...

You really covered the topic of 'sloth". Very interesting. Your photo is a good depiction!

Anonymous said...

Oh honey. They do take a toll on us don't they? And it sounds like yours was extra hard. (((Hugs))) I'm glad you've recovered from it!

Those fairies are so cute, I want them. LOL

Have a beautiful day Diane!

Darcy said...

Good for you for working hard and not having sloth in your life. Great shot.

Robin L said...

What a strong woman you are. Im so glad youre feeling better. Great photo!

Barb said...

Great take on sloth! Love the fairies.

pokettiger said...

What a great post about sloth and what a joy not to have it in your life anymore. I too was surprised when I went researching the 7 sins and read how sloth started off being about the sin of sadness and depression as it was seen as distancing yourself from God while in such a state of mind.

Sue Nicholson said...

I LOVE your honesty:-) I know how much it takes to get from below zero up again.

I am finding these prompts very challenging. Lust, of course was pretty easy but we are not gluttons and greed is something I despise. Slot was hard today. I think life just gets on top of us sometimes, I am not sure we are slothful.

HOWEVER I am examining all sorts of things about me and my perceptions PLUS threw out all old and grey underwear and bought new pretty stuff!!!! Great result must tell SuzyB . . . not sure I have confidence to do this on my blog though :-)

Great take with the fairy . . . well done you :-)


Shannon said...

Yes I am a sloth but only because I suffer from depression and each day is differnt. I had 5 pregnancies and have only 3 kids, I had two emergency DNCs and 2 emergency c-sections with two kids in NICU. I know all to well what you went through.
I do like your little fairies though very sweet faces.

Debs said...

I love your take on 'sloth'!! Made me smile! :)

Deanne said...

im there with you on the pnd, i had mine after my first son 6 years ago, stopped taking meds about 2.5 yrs ago!! but just had small amount of pnd after having second son - took control straight away before it took hold.
it can be so damaging, hugs for getting through it like you did. xxx

sorry you had such a crappy wrath day - i dont get forums sometimes, i've been blown out of ebay too for my wedding stationery, other people advertise but i feel like i'm always blown out!!!
i try to think of it as a good thing, that your stuff is really good and they'll do anything to get it off the site - lol x

maz said...

I too know how that malignant sadness feels. I suffered from ante-natal depression, twice. It is SO not politically correct to 'allow' yourself to be depressed during pregnancy! Never want to go through anything like that again. Well done for talking about it.