Friday, 8 February 2008


Oh I felt wrath this morning. And sadness. Disappointment. I did something really silly. I did something unintentional and it upset someone enough to report me and get my blog link in my signature pulled at UKS. Ugh!

I was angry because it seems so petty to me. Honestly. I was angry because if feels like stupid forum politics. I don't like that kinda stuff. But most of all, it upset me that I'd hurt someone or caused someone to think badly of me. I didn't do it maliciously as implied. I didn't do it because I'm not a sponsor there any more. Whoever reported me indicated that I was promoting my online store via my blog even though I'm not a sponsor of UKS anymore.

I wasn't. I didn't do it intentionally. I host my freebies on my website in my store. It keeps everything all in one place after I had so many people email me asking for them to be like that. Trying to help. Oh well. And I'm doing more tutorials and as I do them I post the links at UKS digi forum. Again trying to help. Seriously. So many people do want to learn digi. I love to be able to help where I can. No strings. If I can help, I always will.

So fair enough. Rules are rules. I get that. I wonder why those people who reported me didn't report other "rule breakers"? Doing the exact same thing as me. If not worse. A couple of them have blatantly posted to products/tutorials etc.. FOR SALE in the digi forums. Many have links to their blogs and those blogs have links to their crafts which they sell. Why is that different to me? Why don't those people get reported? I'm not going to report them. I really believe those people don't realise they are breaking the rules. No more than I did. I didn't know. I should've read the FAQs more closely. I just didn't. Fair enough.

What is more annoying are those people who just "pop" into UKS once in a blue moon, post a link to their latest product and then disappear. But do those people stop around to help, advise and generally "hang out" to make friends and be part of the community? No. Of course they don't. They just want to promote their business. Do they get reported? Nope.

Ugh! It makes me so mad. I don't like breaking rules or causing upset whatsoever and anyone who truly knows me knows that. I apologised to Mary Anne profusely and I've removed the links to my online store here. I'd rather have this blog and post my tutorials and freebies to help those interested at UKS. I know there are people who genuinely appreciate the help and freebies. For goodness sake, we've all been there. We all had to learn. I'm still learning and I certainly appreciate the links, posts and advice people post at the various forums I frequent.

Sorry for venting. Just had to get it off my chest. Feels safe to do it here. It's my blog! Ha!

So yeah. Wrath. Kinda felt it today. Funny as it's the word prompt today for HS|MS. In regards to wrath in my place, apart from me today, ha, I immediately thought of the wrath of Mother Nature. Back in November (I think it was November?), we had a tidal surge and lots of frightening flood warnings. We live right on the coast and nothing major happened overnight but the surge did hit about 10am the next morning and so we decided to walk to the beach and watch it. Stupid. Yes. Fascinating though. Couldn't help it. We just wanted to go see the water and the storm. Ha! We weren't the only ones. So many people all wrapped up against the elements. There was a strong north esterly blowing down the north sea! It was fantastic!

Ok - well - once again - sorry for my venting! Hope everyone has a fab Friday afternoon and weekend!


JACKIE M said...

Great photo Di and sorry you are feeling such " Wrath " today, =0( you are better letting it out than keeping it to yourself =0)

Scrappy Cats Designs said...

so sorry you were singled out for sanctions. yes, I would be feeling wrath if rules were not applied evenly.

Daly said...

oh, so sorry for your trouble.
hope your day gets much better!

sharon said...

oohh sorry you are having such a crap day, try not to let it bother you too much.

I am wrathless today..makes a so havn't got a pic as yet...there's time yet..mmwwahhhhhh.

Great interpretation though!.x

Zoe said...

Better out than in and if you can't vent here where can you! Love the shot though but wouldn't have wanted to get too close! x

Louise said...

sorry that some petty minded oik has reported you... absolutely pathetic. I think it is really generous of you to put freebies on here... I always think they are lovely but I don't do digi, so can't use them.
Sometimes I wonder how people find the time to go 'snitching' on others... do they not have more important things to do in their own lives!!!
*shaking my fist at these people*

Love the wave shot too

etteY said...

nice wrath shot! so sorry to hear you feel crappy! don't let it bring you down...think of happy thoughts! :D

jj said...

Not that I'm one to judge this kind of thing, or maybe I am, but to me it sounds like there's a bit of jealousy going on mi mama... you're just too damn good yknow! If they don't want to be you, they want to be like you!

The picture is awesome. I can't wait to come back to it.


Rachael said...

Sorry you had a crappy day too lets hope today is better! Love the wave shot. x

SuzyB said...

Arent blogs just great for this sort of stuff? A place where you can say all sort of things and NO ONE can censor you. Im sorry you had a bad time about this, it does seem petty but you've done well to rise above it with dignity instead of launching into retaliation, good for you!

Sue Nicholson said...

Right I read this on Friday and was going to leave a comment, but the phone rang, I dashed out and forgot :-(

This happened to me! Honestly pathetic isn't it?

But, you rose above it and did not lower your standards. At times like these it can make you feel as if the majority are like this BUT it's not true, these people really are in the minority.

AND . . . I know just how much help etc you gave FREELY in digi the forum . . . doesn't that say anything about the kind and generous character that you are? Well, I think so :-)

Take no notice . . . hopefully by now you have let it go :-)

Wish you all the best Di.


maz said...

Di, only just catching up 'cos I haven't been able to spend much time at the computer, sorry you've had such a crap time. I've heard similar stories to this about forums like UKS which is partly why I steer clear of them(I'm slightly unnerved that i share a name - my full name- with your's NOT ME honest!!) I am the world's most sensitive person and pathologically phobic to any kind of conflict. Hope you're over it now. Besides you've got 10 x as many suppporters as detractors, at least!