Saturday, 9 February 2008

Happy Days

Ended up having a good productive day yesterday after all. Events spurred me on and inspired me to just keep on keeping on! Had a really good night's sleep and excited about spending the day with my wonderful family. It's my parents 45th Wedding Anniversary today and we are organising a surprise "get together".

It's just us. My brother, sister and me with our partners and our kids and my granddaughter. We are a close family and love our get togethers. Always so much fun. Anyway, Laura (my sister) and I have bought a bunch of decs and balloons and will be sorting the house out while mum and dad go out for lunch together - they don't know what we're doing! Will be a surprise when the get home. My brother's cooking a huge chilli pot and Dan (my eldest) has organised one of those cakes that has a photo on it. All good.

Yep. Better go shake my booty and get ready.

Oh and moving on through the "seven deadly sins" over at HS|MS, today is envy. There's a fair plenty that I envy. For sure. Who doesn't envy "stuff"? But for this I decided to post this photo I took of my granddaughter and niece playing. They were playing with my phone and my granddaughter really, really wanted it and kept "eyeing" it while Coral was playing. I took a bunch of photos of them playing and just caught Jorja going in for the kill ! ha! Bless them. Training for real life eh?

I messed around with it in Photoshop, of course :)

Hope everyone has a really great Saturday!


Rachael said...

Lovely picture it captures Envy beautifully. I hope you have a really wonderful day today. x

Sue Nicholson said...

Firstly thanks for your comments on my blog and what you wrote today :-) Sincerely meant :-)

Love your take on envy. Babies love to play on their own yet always seem to want what another has!!! I remember many upsets like that in our home when mine were younger. Ah! Those were the days!

Love what you do in Photoshop . . . as always :-)