Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Some Tuesday Thoughts

  • clean house
  • warm bath
  • period ugh
  • being grandmother
  • creating up a storm
  • not enough time
  • loving husband
  • missing my daughter
  • my mum
  • cosy


jj said...

theres nothing like being home..... i can't wait until i can be!!

SuzyB said...

Home is definitely a cosy word for me too x

JACKIE M said...

Lovely colours in that cosy shot =0)

Louise said...

love the bullet points, cute cushion

Sue Nicholson said...

Aw! This is a lovely shot . . . looks like a tapestry cushion. Did you do it?

Clean house . . . did kitchen :-)
Warm bath . . . yes it was divine :-)
Being Grandmother . . . No! Kids still in their teens!

Lovely list :-)

Take care Di . . . it doesn't seem so long since you had period pains? Hope you are not so bad this time.

Shannon said...

I'll trade you thoughts?
Is that your cosy pillow? Looks cosy and loved.

etteY said...

nice pillow ;)

Rach said...

Beautiful blog entry. Think our cycles are pretty much together when your feeling crappy I'm feeling crappy too!!

Leanne said...

Aww That Is Lovely.
Nice Pics
Keep Blogging