Thursday, 21 February 2008

Lost Time

Wow! I feel like I've lost 2 days somehow. Not really true. Just been busy doing stuff outside of my normal routine which throws me a little. I realise I'm a creature of habit. Ugh!

I had my granddaughter for a couple of days... well that was the plan. Her parents brought her here yesterday. It was so fab to have her. She's an utter delight. My sister spent the afternoon with us with her 2 girls. Coral, my youngest niece, is the same age as Jorja - perfect little playmates. Funny that one is my granddaughter and the other is my niece!

We had a very pleasant afternoon; took the girls for a walk; went to the shop; had lunch together and let the girls play while my sister and I enjoy some time together. Jorja wasn't well though. Just wasn't right but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. She was happy one minute and then completely miserable the next. Miserable as in couldn't do a thing for her.

After Laura and the girls left, I did Jorja's dinner and then gave her a nice bath but she just went downhill fast. High temperature. She was teething but I think it developed into something more. We had a pretty rough night and so I called my daughter-in-law first thing in the morning. Jorja really needed to be home and probably needed to see a doctor. Poor little mite. Even when she was miserable, she was still so funny and sweet - trying to be her normal self. I don't like it when they're sick like that and they can't really tell you what's wrong. She's just 14months old. So we took her home and my son and daughter-in-law took her to the doctor's. Nothing major wrong. Normal cold and viral infection. Lots of fluids and Calpol as always.

So yeah. Interesting couple of days. I love having her and hopefully next time she'll be in full health so we can do a bit more but I'm so glad my son and his wife were able to have a little bit of a break. Some quiet "child-free" time together.

I completely crashed out this afternoon after being up all night with her. Steve did us some lunch and then next thing I remember is he waking me up as it was 6:30 pm ha! Obviously needed the sleep. And hat's off to older mum's. How on earth do they do it?

So HS|MS prompt is "confusion". This is a photo I took a while ago but it's relevant today as I'm always getting my craft stuff out and leaving a big ole mess that is confusion. ha! Not even organised chaos !


Louise said...

but it is pretty confusion so it's all good:)
great idea

maz said...

Di, can't believe you're a grandmother!

Sue Nicholson said...

Oh Di what a shame she was unwell, poor little thing. Hope she recovers quickly.

And I have a sewing basket like that. All the threads are tangled up and one day I will sort it . . . mmmmm unlikely!

Take Care Di . . . Sue

Rach said...

I can totally relate to this one!! Hope that Jorja is feeling better now. x

JACKIE M said...

Great confusion =0)

Glad to hear your granddaughter is ok.