Saturday, 23 February 2008

Today, Tomorrow and Foreseeable Future

Thought I'd share some things I'm working on, work and pleasure. Kinda helps me typing this all out actually. Most of it is written in list form in my journal on my desk but this is neater! ha!

Ok so this is what I'm doing most days at the the moment:
  • designing new front page to Digital Scrapbook Designs
  • finishing up my newest digi scrap kit, Henri
  • creating new digital fabric texture packs both for my store and Daz3D
  • revamping and redoing promotional graphics for older products for a new digital art store [opening soon]
  • uploading those older products to new store
  • creating 3d products with my hubby
  • crocheting a bed spread/cover for my daughter
  • working on an altered art "brag book"
  • creating a new website for a new business idea I have
  • designing and creating products for said business
  • organising all my photos
  • designing and creating new products for my online store
  • writing notes for a possible book I want to write
  • digi scrapping
  • designing and creating digital download craft products for "The Craft Cabin"
This all makes me deliriously happy. It seems a lot to do but I love all of it. It's creative and artistic. It's what my heart desires and has done for many years. I feel like I'm finally doing what I've always wanted to do. What I've always had a passion for.

There's more. I want to do so much more. Most days I'm fairly inspired. Some days I get overwhelmed. Other days I feel horrible and my low self esteem kicks in and it completely paralyses me. I can't do anything when that happens. Every day though I wake up feeling utterly blessed and happy to be in my life. To be able to work from home creating digital art is awesome to me. I've done this as a hobby for well over 10 yrs now and made it my work just a couple of years ago although only this past year seriously. It was a gradual progress from hobby to work. I actually don't know where I draw the line. In terms of how I feel about it - hobby and work. None of it is work really. It's pure pleasure. I guess the "work" part is the accounts, tax man, keeping books etc. But not too bad when you're just a "one man band". So I can't complain about that either really eh?

And in my spare time... are you kidding??!! Ha ha! Spare time? I don't think so. Somehow I do manage to keep our apartment nice and clean. I do the washing and most of the cooking. I do have an awesome husband who fully supports me and my insane desires and passions. He's an artist too so can completely relate to me and my mad passion. We love and support each other.

Oh and I do spend time with my wonderful family, my brother, sister and their little families and of course, my parents. All live within an hour of us. And of course last but not least my four, beautiful children - all grown up now. My daughter (I have 3 sons and a daughter) is coming home in just a month. She's spent the past year living in New Zealand. To say I've missed her is an understatement. I can't wait till she's home. -

And then there's my precious granddaughter, Jorja, my second son, James and his beautiful wife, Lill's daughter. She is a doll and my heart just swells with love for that child. It was instant. She hasn't been too well the past few days but is much better now. Just the usual childhood coughs, colds, viral infections. I did manage to take some photos of her when she stayed her Wed/Thurs and thought I'd post one of them for my SPS (HS|MS photo prompt).

I have my camera with my all the time and just started taking photos and it was like she knew I was busy and probably wouldn't tell her off if she started touching things she knows she shouldn't ha! Like my beautiful Norwegian glass snowball tealight holders. I kept telling her no but she just looked at me (taking photos) and grinning. As soon as I put the camera down she ran away. Funny as anything. Cute as a button!

Oh and I just realised that the photo in the background (too dark to really see) is a photo of me with my kids when they were little.

Hope everyone has a fab Saturday afternoon/evening! x


Rach said...

Gorgeous picture I love that it is B&W but then I am a sucker for the B&W shots. x

JACKIE M said...

Wow you are busy , Love the little hand in the photo,and the story behind it LOL

AfriDigiDiva said...

Good thing you're happy because you're certainly a busy girl! I'd love to see the page when you're done designing it. Guess that means I'll have to keep coming back.

DawnMarch said...

Wow, sounds like you are busy -- but a very fun list of projects!

Bambi said...

lovely shot! nice and bright (^_^)

Sue Nicholson said...

Great list :-)

I totally understand your feelings.

Please don't forget how much I loved the manekin . . . fingers crossed something you are doing will include this :-)

Aiming to get my life back on track . . . illness is my major problem BUT I will get there :-) Just like you will :-)

Take Care Di and Good Luck with EVERYTHING.

Sue :-)

RayneScraps Designs said...

LOVE the photo..b&w shots really hit the heart in my opinion and those wee hands reaching up look like great ones to give hugs lol. You are a very busy gal for sure.