Thursday, 6 March 2008

Beside the Sea

Steve and I took the afternoon off at his suggestion to just go and take some time out. We drove up to Broadstairs and had a wonderful afternoon out. The weather was quite dreary - well, it is only early March but we still had a fab, long walk on the beach. It did us both the world of good to get out.

Oh and here's my jar in my space for the HS|MS word prompt. I home-schooled my for the last 4 yrs of their schooling - long story - was a necessity due to the crappy education system in Kent but anyway... I turned our dining room into a craft/classroom/study and we would do regular craft activities which they both loved. Glass painting was one of their faves so here's a jar that was painted - I put tealights in them and they look so pretty on the windowsill in the evenings!


Fese said...

Now, that's a beautiful jar. I love the colors.

jj said...

The photos of the beach are lovely, especially the one of you and Steve. You're just so beautiful, and it's lovely seeing you glow!

And... the jar gave me loads of warm, happy and very fond memories!! Those home schooling days and all the time Kris and I got to spend with you, are still the happiest days of my life! I still reckon it was the best choice you and Dad ever made. It made us who we are today, a little different, but kind of... resourceful and independent and well-rounded adults. Lucky for you to have us, but luckier for us to have you!
xx 19 sleeps to go!

- said...

You have the most beautiful photos on your pages. They make me feel so good. You're Amazing, so happy I found your site. ~Amy