Wednesday, 5 March 2008


My anaemia has returned. Of course. Don't know why I didn't recognise the symptoms. At least I know what's wrong and it's a reasonably easy fix.

Still tired and aching and can't seem to do much for long but feeling a lot better in myself. I even managed to do the HS|MS photo challenge today. Here's my fluff:

It's the hat off my little country "Welcome" wall hanging doll that's in my hallway.

Been working closely with my hubby the past few days when I've been up to it. It's been good working with him. He's such a good "boss" and a great encourager. I've had a few tears and tantrums mainly due to feeling so under the weather but also suffereing from a severe bout of low self-esteem. Doing some 3d texturing has been a welcome break from scrapbook design work. It seems to be working for me much better to treat my digital scrapbook small business more as a hobby at this point - less pressure and help Steve with his work. More flexible.

So with that said, I've just about finished a nice little freebie kit for you all. I'll post it tomorrow sometime.



Zoe said...

Sorry you're not feeling so good, hope things get better soon xxx

etteY said...

nice photo :) i hope your feelin a lot lot better soon!


Rach said...

Nice bit of B&W fluff you have there. Awwwww not the dreaded anemia, you take care and take it easy. Must be something in the air at the moment - Pete's count is going lower too. x

pokettiger said...

I really like the lighting and the conversion to b&w. Nicely done.