Sunday, 2 March 2008


Another sleepless night. Last night we couldn't sleep due to gale force winds whipping round our front door and windows. We live in a ground floor 2 bed flat with no double glazing. Ugh! So the windows literally rattled in their frames. So very little sleep. I couldn't sleep that well anyway due to the ongoing aches and pains in my arms, shoulders, legs etc. It's a lot better but not great.

So then tonight. Well, I just can't sleep. I thought I was tired and went to bed early, read for a little while but can't sleep. It ain't happening so I thought it would be better to just get up and try and do some work or sort out some admin on my pc. Steve's up late working again so I'm in good company.

Oh actually, I might finish a little freebie I've been making.

We'll see.


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Dani said...

I'm having problems with sleeping too...menopause in my case and children that awake in the night when I've just gotten settled. Once they've woken me up I find it really hard to get back to sleep. *smile* lots of love, Dani