Monday, 17 March 2008

Irish Eyes are Smiling

Ok, so I don't have those typical pretty green/blue Irish eyes - mine are brown - but I have Irish blood running through my veins and my eyes are definitely smiling. Lots to smile about:

  • had our granddaughter over the weekend - sweet, funny and deliciously scrummy child
  • anaemia is lots better
  • less than 2 weeks and my daughter will be home
  • created several "to do" lists last night for this week - work, general, craft
  • working with my hubby
  • creating a new sampler/freebie with tutorial
  • got good news about some of our work
  • flat is lovely and clean - I love to have a nice clean home so feel so great when I do a "deep clean"
  • oh and the sun is shining
All good. Oh and the word prompt over at HS|MS is "blanket". I knew straight away what to photograph. This is my blanket. It's actually a "car rug" that I bought from Ikea a few years ago. It's a bit of a comforter for me. My cuddle up blanket when it's cold or I'm unwell. So yeah. Blanket.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Bambi said...

certain blankets just make you feel good right?

Lou said...

I love snuggling up with a blanket when im ill, always makes me feel a lil better. great photo, and congrats on the birth of your granddaughter

Niecey said...

I'm glad to hear the anemia is getting better!
Looks like a cozy blanket.
Happy St Patricks day to you too :)

Jess said...

LOL. I have blankets like that. great photo!

Zoe said...

Don't we all have a 'sick' blanket, but I'm sure there must be a nicer word for them!! :) Lovely shot. x

maz said...

Lovely pic. Great detail of the cosy textures!

Rach said...

So glad to hear your feeling better - I'm sure the blanket helped! x

Louise said...

I think we all have a blanket for when we need to be snuggled... love yours

Jolanda said...

Looks comfy