Thursday, 13 March 2008

Thursday Thoughts

  • where's Spring?
  • anaemia
  • tired
  • sleeping til after lunch
  • friends, good times
  • sharing, laughter, tears
  • day off, no computer
  • missing Jenni
  • 2 weeks and counting
  • grateful for my hubby
  • relief


Rach said...

What a gorgeous post, hope you get some relief from the aenemia soon. x

Web Designz by Kristi said...

I like that - Thursdays Thoughts! Nice blog!

Marcie Reckinger said...

I'm totally Loving how you did a list of your thoughts! Such a great way and fulfilling way to get some journaling done today!

SuzyB said...

Great idea to have a list of thoughts and I suppose, a bit therapeutic too. Lovely relief shot x

pokettiger said...

Lovely photo. Love this lamp and the gorgeous glow that comes from it.